JACEK BAKALARZ was born in Poland and as a child loved spending time on his Grandmother’s farm just outside of Krakow. His affinity for horses began at a very early age and was no doubt influenced by his Polish genetics. Jacek was a Judo champion and studied at the technical college in electrical engineering.
An American citizen for almost 40 years, Jacek rediscovered Polish Arabians upon a return visit to Poland and subsequently purchased the Palas son *Efort to begin his breeding program in the US. One year later he returned to Poland and purchased the *Penitent daughter, *Asmara; soon after he purchased Fifinella from Bill Zekan and *Sierra Nevada from John Ducharme.
Recovering from colon cancer in 1992, Jacek decided to pursue his dream of building a farm and purchased 15 acres on which he designed and built the current Silver Eagle facility. He built the entire farm himself, from the ditches needed for electrical service, to the fencing, water, plumbing and all interior finishing. Only the frames and roofs were built by Ohio Amish craftsmen. In 1997, the first poles and beams went up for the main barn/arena complex. Jacek designed and built all stalls, tack lockers, wash rack and other interior service areas himself, picking up his tool belt after a 12-hour day, seven day a week job at Ford Motor Co. as an electrician.
In 2005 Jacek built his home attached to the main barn with a view of the arena from his den and a view of the front pastures from his living room. Again, the design, layout, carpentry, trim work, woodwork, plumbing and electrical work were all completed by his hands and expertly crafted with skill. Ten years after he began his labor of love, there are still just a few more finishing touches needed to complete his vision, and, knowing Jacek, he already has additional projects in mind.
Now, after 32 years with Ford, Jacek has decided to retire and be the full-time farmer he longed to be as a child. It’s time to enjoy what he has spent years planning and building; time to groom the mares daily; time to ride *Etyk; (yes, he learned to ride English on *Etyk, at age 60!); and time to show a few of the *Etyk foals.
Jacek had a very special relationship with his stallion *Efort and the horse’s passing had an obvious emotional effect. He is comforted by the presence of *Efort’s last foal, Hevelius, whose neigh each morning sounds exactly like that of his sire’s.
Life is good at Silver Eagle Arabians and even the Silver Eagle himself is content.  It is rare when we can have a vision – dream it – then build it – and actually live it. Hard work, determination, sacrifice and love went into the barn that Jack built. He welcomes your visit to his farm. There’s always plenty of Polish vodka for guests!!!