Silver Eagle Arabians

Pure Polish Stallions

Monopolii             Negatraz x Monogramma by Knippel (Deceased)

*Etyk                     Eldon x Etnografia by Aloes

*Efort                    Palas x Estrela by El Paso (Deceased)

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Sire Line of Kuhailan Haifi, Original Arab

Imported to Gumniska, 1931

Monopolii   1986 Bay (Deceased 2013)

Negatraz by *Bask x Monogramma by Knippel

This valuable sire line of Ofir is represented at Silver eagle Arabians through the stallion MONOPOLII, Negatraz x *Bask and out of the Monogramma by Knippel. This sire line needs no introduction in the USA as it produced the legendary Bask. While stallions of this sire line bred in Poland and the US were numerous from the 1960s to 1980s, we've seen a marked decrease since the downturn of the Arabian horse breeding programs in the USA DURING  the late 1980s and in the rise of the popularity of other sire lines both in the US and Poland.

This remarkable sire line produces horses with athleticism, soundness and iron constitutions, even temperments and the classic old Polish dry Kuhailan look. To us, this bloodline will always be the classic representitve of Polish breeding.While not as popular now, it is still well worth preserving.

To this end, and with much pride, Silver Eagle Arabians acquired MONOPOLII in 2008. (Read More..)


Sire Line of Ilderim, Original Arab

Imported to Slawuta, 1900

*Etyk    1997 Grey

Eldon by *Penitent x Etnografia by Aloes


 The Ilderim sire line is represented at Silver Eagle Arabians by the Janow bred stallion, *Etyk, by World Champion Eldon and out of Etnografia by Aloes. Imported in 2001 at the age of four, *Etyk has faithfully added the charcteristics of his sire line to our breeding stock. Standing at 16 hands, this gentle and beautiful stallion adds height, long legs, big dark eyes, wide set foreheads, iron legs and powerful movement and drive from behind.

An exceptionally fertile stallion, *Etyk settles mares on the first cover. He is approved for transported semen and his semen is stil very vital 48 hours after collection, while his volume and concentration lierally "broke the curve" at the collection clinic.

 *Etyk is a US Champion in Halter, English Pleasure and Sport Horse. He is producing endurance, dressage and Class A English horses. To us, his most valuable contribution is his extraordinary disposition - kind, sensitive, yet powerful and animated. (Read More....)


 Sire Line of Saklawi I, Egypt

*Efort    1983 Grey (Deceased)

Palas x Estrela by *El Paso

 *Efort came to Silver Eagle Arabians as our foundation stallion, a representaive of the Saklawi I sire line originating in Egypt. This is the sire line of Nazeer, sire of progenitors of the Egyptian Arabian throughout the world. Bred by the Michalow Stud Farm, *Efort was imported by Jacek Bakalarz  in 1987 at the age of four after completing one season at the race track. The blood of Palas was not popular in US breeding at the time of his imporation, but *Efort's type, strong damline and overall charisma presented a package of strengths needed in the Polish Arabians bred in the USA. *Efort proved himself by siring four excellent daughters for Silver Eagle Arabians who exhibited  classic Palas Saklaw type, snorty attitudes and showiness.This blood adds true classic Arabian type, presence and high tail carriages.

The blood of Palas has made an indelible mark on Polish Arabian breeding and we are proud to have had the foresight to have incorporated it in our breeding program. (Read More..)