Silver Eagle Arabians is a Polish Arabian breeding farm located southwest of Cleveland, Ohio in Columbia Township and adjacent to the suburb of Strongsville. We are conveniently located near Interstate 71 and Cleveland Hopkins Airport.










The farm is owned and managed by Jacek Bakalarz, who designed and built the facility on 15 acres of Ohio farmland. Jacek (Jack) not only built the barns, outbuildings and fencing while working full time, but also attached his home to the main show barn, so that the 20-stall main barn, indoor arena and home are all under one roof!







Kathryn Bakalarz and Efort at Michalow in Poland
Katherine Bakalaz and Efort in Michalow in Poland


Silver Eagle Arabians began in 1984 with the importation of foundation bloodstock from the world-renowned Michalow State stud in Poland. Jacek Bakalarz returned to his native Poland and selected the Palas son, *EFORT out of Estrela by *El Paso, and the *Penitent daughter, *ASMARA PASB out of Arteria by Probat, to begin his pure Polish Arabian breeding program in the United States.





The Silver Eagle breeding philosophy is simple – to breed Arabian horses in the Polish tradition. The high standards of the Polish breeders and state stud farms have been maintained to emphasize Arabian type, correct conformation, good movement, athletic ability, excellent workable dispositions and reproductive reliability.

Horses are managed simply and naturally. Farm breeding is done by live cover. Mares, stallions and foals reside in the same barn and are handled daily. The emphasis is on producing quality horses that excel in a variety of disciplines and uses.

We breed horses to please our own eyes and our concept of what the Polish Arabian should be. We do not succumb to breeding or show ring fads. Silver Eagle was one of the first American breeding farms to stand a *Palas son at stud, and more recently was the first to import and stand a son of Polish National Champion stallion Eldon, the stallion *Etyk out of Etnografia by Aloes. We have since added the important blood of Witraz through the acquisition of the bay stallion Monopolii, Negatraz x Monogramma, full brother to Monogramm.



Silver Eagle recognized the value of Palas in the Polish Arabian pedigree when this blood was not popular in the US. Worldwide breeding and show results demonstrate that Palas blood is a major ingredient found in contemporary Polish champions who continue to dominate as breeding and show champions throughout the world. What does Palas blood add?  Extreme Arabian type, showiness, high tail carriage and presence.

*Efort’s combination of Saklawi type with the athleticism of Czort and Comet through his dam, Estrela, has given us those exact features.


Probat was brought to Poland from Sweden to intensify the blood of Comet and the sire line of Kuhailan Afas. Probat blood is found in the tail female line of our mare ASMARA PASB and is the sire of FIFINELLA. Probat blood crosses well with all Polish bloodlines, and is noted for beauty and athleticism.


The Bandola son Banat figures prominently in our herd as a sire of remarkable mares that produced our foundation mares. In Poland, Banat contributed a strong Kuhailan constitution and athletic ability. Banat produced excellent brood mares such as Pipi, out of Pilarka by Palas, dam of the Eldon son *Piaff currently in the US as well as excellent sons such as Arbil, progenitor of the sire line. Fifinella by Probat, is out of perhaps the most famous Banat daughter, Hajcenda, who sold in Scottsdale for $609,000 to Zekan Arabians. *Sierra Nevada, by Aloes, is out of the Banat daughter, Siena, who is now in the Middle East, this line tracing to the most prepotent Polish racing damline, that of Sabellina.


The blood of Aquinor, representing the Ilderim sire line, is know for its Saklawi beauty, presence, charisma and outstanding motion.*Etyk, imported in 2001 and sired by Eldon, Polish progentor of this sire line, exemplifies all the genetic traits of this line. *Etyk has added size, length of leg, big eyes on a wide set forehead, correct legs, powerful movement, and exceptional dispositions.


The blood of Witraz, representing the Kuhailan Haifi sire line through Ofir, was prominent in the US several decades ago with the importation and subsequent success of the stallion *Bask. True Polish Kuhailans are rare these days, but the blood contributed so much to the development of the Polish Arabian we know today. The mares of this sire line are particularly valuable. This precious blood contributes strong, healthy constitutions, iron legs, nice round hoofs, good minds, athletic ability, bay color and classic Kuhailan type. We are honored to own the Kuhailan stallion Monopolii, sired by one of *Bask's best producing sons, Negatraz, and out of the world-famous mare Monogramma, an incredible mare who produced elite Arabian breeding stock in Russia, Poland and the US and whose tail female line traces to the imcomparable Mammona, Polish Treasure.